Christmas and New Year…

Hello Everyone!! and Happy New Year… a Very Very Happy New Year!!!

I have really enjoyed reading so many of your festive posts and many more from beauty bloggers and fashion bloggers and lifestyle bloggers … etc! I actually feel quite bad for not posting anything on my blog, but have been fairly active on Instagram. I visited home for the holidays, where there is no WiFi. So, anytime that I spent in the pub or a cafe, I tried to catch up on Twitter and upload a couple of pics to Insta, while also trying to be social with my friends and family!

Anyway, I have had a great Christmas and an even better New Year (exciting news coming up!!). Just before Christmas every year, a catch up / secret Santa / meal is organised with all my school friends – in my home town. This year there was 13 of us, and I really enjoyed catching up with the girls – most of us have moved away now, so it’s always great when we’re all back in town. What I love about this photo is that when I proposed we take a photo – we automatically assembled like this – very tidy and choir-like, which just proves our full-on Welsh background, I feel!


My Christmas day was filled with drinks, food, presents, family and friends. So this was fabulous, as usual. Sadly, I was unable to spend the day with my boyfriend of 8 years, Anthony, as he had to work all day, so was unable to visit family with me. But I had a great time over Christmas day and Boxing day with my dad and brother, my mum and my brother and his little family, here you can see my dad and brothers playing with their new toys (my nephew’s new toys actually)!!


Back to my house and my boyfriend for NYE and we decided to stay in – in the 8 years we have been together, this is the first time we have both had it off work, so we spent it alone, together. As we don’t have TV connection in our house (it’s not as bad as it sounds!) we spent the WHOLE evening watching Breaking Bad – which was ridiculously exciting! and come 11:55 we popped on the internet to catch the countdown and to my genuine surprise, HE PROPOSED!!! seconds after midnight!  Of course I said YES! and here is my gorgeous engagement ring.


In other news, the week before Christmas I graduated from my MSc Marketing course with a DISTINCTION! I was simply over the moon when I saw my grade for the first time and have never felt such a sense of achievement as I did at that moment! My graduation was a great day, with my Nanna and my Mum visiting and Anthony came along too, and I’m quite happy for these pictures to be up on the wall (when they finally arrive in the post!)



So, new years eve was pretty special for me!! And I have just had the BEST December ever!!! And I am very much looking forward to 2015 and seeing what it brings! So once again HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! and I hope you all achieve all your goals and dreams in 2015!



Happy ‘Anniversary’…

Anthony and I recently celebrated 8 years of being together…. EIGHT YEARS!!! This is 1/3 of my life! I am not complaining, it has been wonderful, and still is wonderful ❤ We’ve done so many amazing things in our time together, and of course more to come (Rome Rome Rome!!)


We had a great week, Started with some shopping (Anthony bought some clothes for Rome!) and a roast dinner for lunch on Sunday. In the week we made a last minute decision to visit Bristol Zoo, which was great fun! Only an hour drive away, which was totally worth it. We love Zoos! (Check out the Lion Selfie!!!!)


It was a great, sunny day (Thankfully!) So we were able to chill out on the grass to eat out lunch while watching an animal show


On the Thursday, we had tickets to see And and Dec’s Takeaway on Tour show at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff. This was amazing, I LOVE Ant and Dec! It was so exciting to be so close to them!! The Show was hilarious, with guest appearances from boyband Blue, Riverdance, Kian Egan, Ashley Roberts, David Emanuel and some local celebrities as well as a classroom of local primary school pupils for the Ant Vs Dec feature. The show included many of the TV show’s other features such as ‘I’m a Celebrity, get our me ear’, ‘Singalong Live’, ‘Little and and Dec’ and many more. The evening also allowed me to meet up with a friend from north Wales who also came to see the show.

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All in all, a great Week!!