A little life update…

Hi everyone!!

Apparently I’m really rubbish at posting regularly as my last post was over a month ago! Sorry about that!

One of my posts in early January told you all about my Masters graduation, my wonderful Christmas and my very exciting New Year due to getting engaged! In this post I will update you further on what I’ve been up to and why I’ve been so busy that I forgot to write on my blog… but I have been reading all the posts from the great blogs that I follow which I have really been loving! And then, hopefully, I will carry on/start blogging the way I wanted to when I first started this blog.

After finishing my dissertation for my masters degree (in Marketing) I put all my efforts into applying for jobs and trying to get myself noticed – after my trip to Rome, of course. I sent a LOT of applications, I had many interviews and I was successful in some and I was rejected quite a few times. I had to turn down some roles as they just DID NOT suit me, others didn’t seem worth it as they were short-term contracts or offered a salary lower that what I was earning from my local convenience store.

I was beginning to think I would never be employed doing something I really enjoyed and that’s when I started my blog, thinking that one day I might become a blogging superstar! Or at least be able to earn a some pennies from it! This idea came reading posts written by full time bloggers and getting insights into their lives and thinking I would love that! But then, after blogging about my trip to Rome.. I found that I didn’t actually have that much to blog about… boo!

Anyway, back to February and I had a call about a job I had applied for in early December, and I remember thinking this job would be PERFECT for me. I had a great interview and completed a task – in which I had to write a blog post about anything I was really passionate about (I chose to write about my home town, Dolgellau, I might decide to post it on my blog soon) and lo and behold, I was offered the job. I am now a Junior Marketing Executive in a great company, I have been working for two weeks now and I really love what I am doing.

In other news, I have been bridesmaid dress shopping – not for my wedding, there are no plans in that department as of yet! I am Maid of Honour for one of my best friends, which is very exciting. Although this has been difficult to arrange as we live 3 hours apart. The search started in November with an unsuccessful shopping trip, but thankfully we found a great dress in late January which luckily was in the same collection as the other bridesmaids’ dresses. Unfortunately, no details can be revealed as it will all be a surprise on the day – which is mid September.

I’ve also just been enjoying all my free time which I haven’t really done before for years as I’ve worked since I was 13, and also full-time education and placements. I had about two months where I was only working part-time at my local convenience store and filled the rest of my time with things I’ve been wanting to do for aaages – things like complete wardrobe clear out, rearrange living room, get new furniture, cook lots of new dishes … (all things I could have blogged about… dammit!). I’ve also been spending lots of quality time with my Fiance 😀 having fun days out and lots of adventuring like our trip to London!

So, there we have it, my excuses for not blogging – even though I wanted to be really good at blogging… I am not… yet!

Look out for my great blog posts to come!!…

(Also, just completely changed the layout of my blog because I didn’t really like the coloured background to my posts.. hope you like it.)

See ya soon!



Thanks for reading! Please leave you comments :) x

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