A very unplanned visit to London

So, it was Wednesday night, Anthony (fiancé!) and I were chilling at home. We were talking away and realised we both had the whole of the next day off work – this is a rare occurrence! So we decided we must have a day out and got on the internet to find something we could do.

Originally from North Wales and living in South Wales, we haven’t really done much exploring… So, I suggested a day trip to The Mumbles – yes, that’s a place! I remember in Primary School, my best friend and I used to sit next to a huge map of Wales hanging on the wall, and of course, we only really ever looked at the bottom bit (because of shortness!), and we giggled… probably every day, about that place called The Mumbles. So, I looked it up online and there is a nice coastal walk, which looked great. But, Anthony wasn’t feeling it, and in all fairness, the weather was a bit iffy. So that idea is being kept away for another day out in the future.

Another idea we had was to visit Bath to check out the Roman Baths and then on to Stonehenge… this is getting a bit further away from home. And then we saw Oxford and thought neither of us have ever been there, and then Anthony said “I’ve never been to London”. We looked at each other thinking ‘can we really be this crazy?’. This would be very crazy, especially for me because I’m a lady who like a plan! I’ve been to London three times, and loved it every time, I really love the London Underground, just because it all happens so fast and it’s totally different to jumping on a bus (here in Wales) and having nice little chat to the driver if he’s a bit early to depart yet and saying “Thank you” as you get off.

So, it was almost midnight when we decided to be wild and go to London for the day. We booked National Express coach tickets – which worked out being cheaper than driving or train, only 30 minutes longer. We booked our coach for 7.30am. So, a mad rush of chucking some things in a bag for our trip and straight to bed because by now, we needed to be up and out the house in 5 and a half hours.

So, we woke up on time, left the house on time, got to the coach on time and all was good. The coach was so comfy and we got seats by the emergency exit door so we had all the leg room, it wasn’t busy, so it was quite peaceful. The journey would take just over three hours but that was fine, I had my book to read (Girl Online by Zoe Sugg – starting off my goal to read more! See previous post), and was so comfy and relaxed I even thought I could sleep if I wanted to. Anthony slept almost all of the way and I didn’t sleep at all – the book was very engrossing! We had a little giggle every now and then at how wild we have been.

We arrived at Victoria Coach Station, all excited, didn’t know where we were or where to go. I had learnt from my previous visits to London that everything is sign-posted, all the stations and attractions etc… So, as Anthony had a little panic, I looked around and saw the sign for Victoria station “This Way”. We got our day pass for all the transports but we only used the underground – but we used it quite a lot (got our money’s worth!).

We quite simply had a wonderful day! We visited the British Museum (could have spent the whole day in there, it is huge), had great food and some lovely drinks, we visited Trafalgar Square, we saw Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and walked through some wonderful parks.


The London Eye was unfortunately closed, I would have probably known this if there was any planning involved! And The London Dungeons and Madamme Tussauds were like £25 each (I don’t remember them being that expensive). I now realise that in the cupboard in my kitchen, I have half price vouchers for these attractions from a Kellogg’s cereal box, and of course if this was a planned trip, I would definitely have remembered them – they might actually be out of date by now.

Our coach back was at 7PM, we spent our last hour looking around the shops, I was very tired by now, so lucky for my bank account, I made no purchases! The coach ride home I was sure I would sleep, Anthony zonked off straight away. I read my book for a little while and of course, I didn’t put it down and I didn’t sleep. But I did finish the book (Review to follow soon), which gives me great confidence in achieving my goal to read more. Although, I don’t have anymore long coach trips planned so who knows when I’ll pick up my next read.

It felt great to be so spontaneous and had a brilliant day out and back home by 10:30PM. I will, however, make sure we compare rotas in the future and so that any days off together can be FULLY planned and we can make the most of our adventures!

Are there any other great day trip destinations I should know about? Let me know!

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