Christmas Wishlist… (Stuff)

Hi Everyone!!

Here it is, as mentioned in my previous post, I have complied another Christmas list full of STUFF.. I love things and bits and bobs and things I can use, so here it is:

xmas 14 stuff list

1. 2015 Diary £10 Paperchase – I simply cannot live without a diary, although I use my Outlook calendar, I still keep a diary in my handbag and use it all the time! I have a cheap (99p) 2015 diary to use temporarily as I am already planning for the next year. But as I will make use of it for a whole year, I always like to have a nice diary, and I just love this butterfly one.

2. Pen Pot £1.75 | Magazine Holder £5 | Letter Tray £4.75 Wilko – These are obvs to go on my desk that I will be getting from my homeware wishlist!

3.  Bedside Lamp £12.99 The Range – Bedside lamp required! Now that I have a (sort of high) bedside table rather than a wall!! See my bedroom rearrangement here (My side is the Left side!!)

4. Mug Cosy £4 Etsy – Wanted one of these for a while – just because of cuteness and cosiness! I like the plain one like this, the button on this one is just perfect.

5. Decorative Photo Frame £12 John Lewis – On browsing for gifts for other people, I stumbled across this beaut. Love it, want it! It would be perfect for a photo from my graduation day (in a couple of weeks) or a nice photo from over Christmas.

6. Wine Bottle Holder £23 – I always have plenty of wine knocking about at Christmas… and I love penguins.. so this is perfect! A penguin wine rack/holder!!

My tree still isn’t up 😦 and I haven’t even started Christmas Shopping and I have my TimeHop app telling me that by this time for the last 5 years I was all done – tree and decs up, all presents bought and wrapped and this year… I still have it ALL to do!

So, I best get get off my laptop and get started! I will start with the tree and decs 😀

Thanks for reading, I have already started my clothes wishlist so that is still to come.



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