Rome, Italy

It’s been and gone already! I spent 2 weeks in Rome in October, 2014. The weather was a LOT hotter than I expected! Around 28°C every day and only one rain shower in the middle of the night one day. There was still a lot of people around, so I can’t imagine how busy (and hot) it gets in the middle of the summer. Any queues at the sights and attractions were bearable (or avoided!), and the streets were just magnificent, never mind the breath taking attractions.

There is so much to do and see in Rome that we were busy everyday of the two weeks we spent in the city. The public transport around the whole city was extremely useful allowing us to catch the tram to Termini Station (the main station) and then the Metro to our destination for the day. A ticket for all public transport is available and we made use of the 7 day ticket (24 Euro) and the 3 day ticket (16.50 Euro) for unlimited use of the Trams, Metro and buses while the tickers were valid and the single tickets (1.50 Euro) for one journey when our unlimited tickets were not valid.

I took HUNDREDS of photos over the two weeks, take a look at them on my Flickr account. Here are some of my favourites:

The Colosseum was my absolute favourite, it’s just amazing and you can just feel the atmosphere from the arena and almost picture the gladiators and the animals as they entertain the tens of thousands of members of the audience.


The Roman Forums near Palatine Hill were incredible to see, the ancient stones and ruins of the magnificent buildings and time and effort that went into every detail is amazing to see and read about.


St. Peter’s Square, Basilica and Dome, Vatican City, were also incredible. More insane detail on the building’s walls, ceilings, and everything really. We walked to the top of the Dome (Cupola), making our way through VERY narrow corridors towards the top, but the view was spectacular and absolutely worth the effort of taking on all those steps!


And here are some others of out and about around Rome, including the Spanish Steps, some great sunsets and the Pantheon:

IMG_5835 IMG_5852 IMG_5994 IMG_6139 IMG_6146 IMG_6166 IMG_6168 IMG_6189  IMG_6232  IMG_6311 IMG_6356 IMG_6384 IMG_6408 IMG_6412 IMG_6415IMG_6244 ???????????????????????????????

I hope this post is useful as I found many blog posts useful in planning my trip before I went away. And for more of my pictures visit my Flickr photostream

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