Christmas Wishlist… (Stuff)

Hi Everyone!!

Here it is, as mentioned in my previous post, I have complied another Christmas list full of STUFF.. I love things and bits and bobs and things I can use, so here it is:

xmas 14 stuff list

1. 2015 Diary £10 Paperchase – I simply cannot live without a diary, although I use my Outlook calendar, I still keep a diary in my handbag and use it all the time! I have a cheap (99p) 2015 diary to use temporarily as I am already planning for the next year. But as I will make use of it for a whole year, I always like to have a nice diary, and I just love this butterfly one.

2. Pen Pot £1.75 | Magazine Holder £5 | Letter Tray £4.75 Wilko – These are obvs to go on my desk that I will be getting from my homeware wishlist!

3.  Bedside Lamp £12.99 The Range – Bedside lamp required! Now that I have a (sort of high) bedside table rather than a wall!! See my bedroom rearrangement here (My side is the Left side!!)

4. Mug Cosy £4 Etsy – Wanted one of these for a while – just because of cuteness and cosiness! I like the plain one like this, the button on this one is just perfect.

5. Decorative Photo Frame £12 John Lewis – On browsing for gifts for other people, I stumbled across this beaut. Love it, want it! It would be perfect for a photo from my graduation day (in a couple of weeks) or a nice photo from over Christmas.

6. Wine Bottle Holder £23 – I always have plenty of wine knocking about at Christmas… and I love penguins.. so this is perfect! A penguin wine rack/holder!!

My tree still isn’t up 😦 and I haven’t even started Christmas Shopping and I have my TimeHop app telling me that by this time for the last 5 years I was all done – tree and decs up, all presents bought and wrapped and this year… I still have it ALL to do!

So, I best get get off my laptop and get started! I will start with the tree and decs 😀

Thanks for reading, I have already started my clothes wishlist so that is still to come.



Christmas Wishlist… (Homeware)

So I started a Christmas wish list a while ago… and it’s taken a while to get round to finishing, so long that I have ended up purchasing a couple of items I had down so have had to remove from the list… oops. It’s also ended up being mostly house stuff, so I’m sure there will be a clothes list and a ‘stuff’ list to follow too!! hehe. Nothing is too expensive on my lists… I just hate the thought of spending looooads of money! Whether it’s mine or someone else’s!! In fact… there are some great bargains!

xmas 14 home list

1. Stanting Laundry Tote £15.99 Lakeland – I’ve needed a new laundry bag for a while .. currently in use is a large round sort of builders bucket

2. I’m a Little Tea Pot  £24.29 Woburn-China – Maybe a little pricey but HOW ADORABLE!! I seem to make endless tea when I have visitors and guests (which is quite often as we live 3 hours from home so friends and family are always visiting) so, recently decided I need a tea pot….THIS tea pot in fact.

3. Bathroom Storage Box £8.99 Dunelm Mill – Bathroom storage is required, my windowsill is getting dangerously over crowded!

4. H Cushion £5.00 ASDA – I think these are really cool! I’d also like an A (for Anthony) .. I do believe that Mama Bear will be getting these for us too 😀

5. Desk £279.99 The Range – I have wanted a desk for so loooong…  I don’t really have room for one (but would definitely make room for this one!) I love it! Also I need to share my love for The Range… this shop is incredible!! I have spent hours at a time in store in many locations. I cannot pass one of these without going in! SO many pretty things and very reasonably priced

6. Vintage Bird Duvet Set £18.00 MATALAN – I did want a grey stag themed duvet set from MATALAN, but it appears to have sold out as it is no longer online 😦 but on searching for it, I cam across this one which I like equally, and is probably more sensible as it’s not chrismassy so will use it all year round.

So there we have it… hopefully my home will be kitted out by 2015! I’m SOO excited for Christmas, it’s my favourite time of year! 🙂 I’m not sure how long I can hold out to put  my Christmas tree up – I think it’s going to happen this week!

Thanks for reading and look out for my clothes and ‘stuff’ Christmas wishlists to follow!

Best Nail Varnish Ever!…

Well.. The best that I have used in a loooong while! It’s Revlon ColourStay Gel Envy. I bought it last week and tried it that evening. I chose two colours (Checkmate and All Or Nothing) and the diamond top coat (3 for 2 at Boots!). I first tried All or Nothing for a night out in Shrewsbury! (and it went beautifully with my dress!). Today, 7 days later (SEVEN!!!) my nails were unchipped and still looking great – even after a night out, few shifts at a supermarket and a game of netball!


Tonight I removed the All or Nothing to try out the Checkmate  – because I know how to go wild on a Friday night!! and I love love love this colour too! and hope it will last another week! and I will definitely be investing in some more colours!


As you can see I certainly have a ‘thing’ for nail polish – I even passed on around 30 colours to friends and charity shops a couple of months ago! Anyway ColourStay by Revlon is definitely the best in a while!


The ColourStay Gel Envy is a two step process – quick and easy! A base coat and the colour (in one) is step 1 and the ‘diamond top coat’ is step 2. And it dries REALLY quickly, which is possibly the part!!


Basically, I highly recommend Revlon ColourStay Gel Envy for easy to apply, long lasting nail varnish! 😀