Beauty Box Bliss

Hi there!

I am back with a new favourite! Beauty Boxes! What excellent little things these are!! A chance to try great new products – many are full sized and the ones that aren’t quite full sized are still big enough to have a good few uses out of. It’s also a chance to find great new brands you may not have heard of but turn out to be perfect for you. Continue reading


A little life update…

Hi everyone!!

Apparently I’m really rubbish at posting regularly as my last post was over a month ago! Sorry about that!

One of my posts in early Januaryย told you all about my Masters graduation, my wonderful Christmas and my very exciting New Year due to getting engaged! In this post I will update you further on what I’ve been up to and why I’ve been so busy that I forgot to write on my blog… but I have been reading all the posts from the great blogs that I follow which I have really been loving! And then, hopefully, I will carry on/start blogging the way I wanted to when I first started this blog.

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A very unplanned visit to London

So, it was Wednesday night, Anthony (fiancรฉ!) and I were chilling at home. We were talking away and realised we both had the whole of the next day off work – this is a rare occurrence! So we decided we must have a day out and got on the internet to find something we could do.

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